Price Of Gold Per Gram

Usually gold is price by the ounce, but if you are interested, the price of gold per gram is the price per ounce divided by 28.3495231 or if you wanted to be a little less accurate, you could just divide by 28.35 and you would get your price per gram.

Gold is usually sold by the gram to investors or collectors who want to buy gold, but may not have the finances to afford larger quantities that are sold with larger bullion coins. Another reason someone may bellowing for the price of gold per gram is because maybe someone like you has found some gold nuggets in you attic or from a collection and would just like to sell those on eBay.

While you can find lots of websites online that offer plenty of charts of the price of gold per ounce, it may be somewhat more difficult to locate charts that only give the gold price per gram. Yahoo Finance or Google Finance is a great place to check the daily gold charts as well as many other precious metal charts along with all kids of finance articles and information.

If you want to purchase gold nuggets or other gold bullion items, the best place to do that is of course eBay. At any one time there are literally thousands of auctions going on featuring gold coins including collectible coins, all kinds of gold nuggets of all sizes, gold bullion bars and scrap gold. You can invest in gold anywhere from $20 or so up to thousands or more. It just depends on what you want to do with your investment dollars.

Because eBay is such a great place to get in on gold auctions off everything you can think of, we feature several auctions on our site. Just go to the gold auctions page and see what eBay is offering live on their site as you search and e will try to find the best deals on nuggets and other gold items at low prices so keep coming back if you don't see what you want today.

And don't forget, it is probably better to buy your gold now before the economy gets really crazy and the price of gold per gram goes sky high and only the rich can afford it.

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