Most Popular Gold Coins

With the current price of gold still above $1,700 per ounce and the world economy on the brink of financial collapse, some of the most popular gold coins are looking pretty good for investors, coin collectors and those that want to preserve their wealth as well. Smaller gold coins and gold nuggets are also sought after by gold enthusiasts as people are starting to seek out a real asset that has value in the event we go into hyperinflation.

The most popular gold coin on the market today and one that is very popular on eBay auctions is the $20 face value St Gaudens Double Eagle that contains 1 ounce of .9999 fine gold. You might say that this coin in the gold standard for both the coin collector and the investor alike. Not only is this the most popular gold coin, it is also considered by many to be the most beautiful coin ever minted and it also holds the record for being the coin that the most expensive single coin ever sold at auction. A 1933 edition of this beautiful coin sold for over $7 million several years ago.

Another popular gold coin is the Indian Head coins minted stating in 1908 that featured an incuse design. This is a unique design that is pressed into the surface of the coin rather than being minted like almost all other standard coins where the design is actually raised up from the surface of the coin. The famous Indian head comes in both a Quarter Eagle ($2.50 face value) and a Half Eagle ($5.00 face value) design which feature .1343 troy oz of gold for the Quarter Eagle and .2419 troy ounce of gold for the Half Eagle.

While these coins contain significantly less gold than does the St Gaudens Double Eagle, they are still not all that cheap to own. Prices for these rare coins can range up to $1,000 or higher for the Indian Head Half Eagle and $600 or more for the Indian Head Quarter Eagle.

If you want a more affordable gold coin alternative then the 1/10 ounce gold American Eagle that sells for around $150 to $200 may be for you (Note: Some perfect examples of this coin in MS70 condition can sell for above $1,000). Not only is this coins more affordable, it may also be more easily traded for goods and services should the economy go into a tailspin. While a coin that contains a full ounce of gold many be hard to break up at $1,750 an ounce, you will have much better lock trading a coin worth $150 for food or someone's services you may need during a seriously hard time in the United States.

While there are others, these are some of the most popular gold coins available today and you can find them all on eBay auctions.

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